Friday, October 3, 2014


I haven't had much space this past year to move past the thoughts in my head to the keyboard at the computer.  Truth is, the words have ended up on pages in journals as time spent at my desk in front of a keyboard and monitor has been minimal.  Email gets checked on my super smart phone as does Facebook and Instagram which leaves little other reason to sit at my desk. So this space here has been neglected and a part of me that has enjoyed blogging has too.

Part of that also comes with this season of life where God has me focused on rightly relating to my children and husband.  I can't be relational when my back is to them, and I'm facing a computer.  I admit, my phone does distract me, but it's much smaller and somehow usually easier for me to set down and focus on the person at hand.

I hope to be more regular about my writing now that I've managed to find some space again in my head for it and share more about this journey into loving my children and my family well.  It all started with a blog I read over here.

See you soon.

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