Sunday, August 15, 2010

HFC Syndrome

HFC [Home-From-Camp] Syndrome is a term my sister came up with to describe the days post-camp when one suffers depression after so much fun, food, and friends at camp.

Well, we have it. Full force.

How could we not after such a glorious week at Laity Lodge Family Camp where I had no need to plan or fix meals or keep my children occupied? The wonderful staff at Laity Lodge took care of all of that for me. I just had to show up, eat, participate and have fun.

So the question is: How do I continue in that spirit of being relaxed and having fun with my kids while I return to my responsibilities of official meal and activity coordinator?

I don't quite know. It's a difficult balance for me to maintain. And this very moment I am having to constantly remind myself to cast my cares on Him. He really does care for me and cares that I walk in rest and peace.

It's important to Him that I have fun with my kids in the midst of running a household and coordinating school. He desires for me to have abundant life outside of family camp and to thrive in my role here at home. His plans for me are good.

I'm holding on to those truths this week as HFC lingers and we get back into the everyday rhythm of life. In all honesty, though, I am already looking forward to going again next year!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"My Dream"

Worship is my passion. Loving God, ministering to the Lord with music, dance, art, my life…it’s what I was created for. The greatest delight for me is to see others discover this same passion and freedom to live every aspect of life out of the overflow of a life-giving relationship with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

I dream of a day when the church is so engaged in loving and worshiping God with their whole lives that entire neighborhoods, cities, states, countries are transformed by the Presence of God.

I dream of a day when believers set their faces like flint towards the Lord and unbelievers are drawn to the light of His glory. I desire to create environments where people can experience the manifest Presence of God and be awakened in their hearts, souls, minds and spirits to what it means to be truly human: reconnecting with all of the aspects of God’s image that they bear and then turning and calling out the same in others. As people become more fully alive, they enter into worship in spirit and in truth, creating a worship “vortex” that draws all to Christ.

I dream of a day when worship happens spontaneously on the street: at the store, in the parking lot, in the market place, in homes, at church… As we love Him and love each other, the atmosphere of Heaven invades our hearts and minds, the sound of the Lord is released in our midst, and we see people healed, saved and delivered through worship.