Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's our anniversary

It's our anniversary, and to break out of my blogging slump, I want to write a post about my man who is definitely God's gift to me.

If you read our story I started to chronicle a couple of years ago, you can learn about how we met and the first few years of our marriage.  It's a good story and one I hope to continue when this brain freeze is over.  Right now there's window open for the man I love.

He is gracious.  Truly gracious.  He never nags me about the stuff on the floor, the piles by the bed, the dust on the blinds, the stains in the carpet, the laundry not folded, the lack of food in the house, the to-do list not done.  Never.

His is generous.  If someone needs his help or wants to borrow his truck or is looking for a piano player, he almost never says no.  He only says no if it interferes with our family, in which case, that is definitely a good time to say no.  If he knows of a financial need, he wants to give as much as he can.  If I ask him about giving towards a certain need, he always says yes.

He is smart.  Let me give you an example. Way back when he decided to get a job in computers, I freaked out.  I freaked out because at that time I knew more about computers than he did and the job he wanted required way more than I knew (which was plenty, by the way).  He bought some books, took a month or so to read and study, and then went and got himself a computer help desk job. And he continues to learn and grow and work in the field some fifteen years later.

He is loving.  He has worked long hours at jobs he hasn't always loved to provide for us the very best he can.  He comes home and eats dinner with us most nights, even when I know a lot of times he'd rather crawl into a cave somewhere and be quiet.  This is most remarkable since dinner at our house is the opposite end of the spectrum from cave and quiet.  He listens to me and rarely tries to fix me.  He goes to marriage classes, parenting classes, and finance classes with me and occasionally reads a book on those subjects so he can see where I'm coming from.

He is sexy.  I'll just leave that one right there.

He is my husband who I could continue to go on about, but errands call and I still hope to get to some of those piles of stuff and dust in our bedroom before he comes home from work...

I love you, hon.  I'm so glad to be on this journey with you. I wouldn't want it any other way.

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