Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Useless Beauty

Beauty for beauty's sake
Not because it's useful
Not because it serves a purpose
Beauty just because...

Like the zucchini I chop for dinner...deep green speckled skin splits apart to reveal creamy crisp interior with myriad hues of yellow...

What's the use of that?

It could just as well be gray...solid, no variation...with all vitamins and minerals and fiber wrapped up in gray.  Why the color?  Why the contrast?  Why the crisp and soft and crunch?

Why go to the trouble of rough stem and smooth skin?

What use is there in that?

Maybe it's just because.
And maybe because He loves
And maybe because He creates
And maybe because beauty just is

but not necessarily

Does usefulness determine the worth and importance of the beauty of the zucchini?

Useless beauty found in zucchini
Makes me think
And ponder
Perhaps even meditate on
Everyday moments
Where beauty is present
For no particular reason.

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