Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This thing called freedom

It totally rocks.

I can see it coming...sometimes a mile away....sometimes not until it's under my nose.

But when it happens, when the lie is revealed, the wound is healed, and God's truth is restored...well, let's just say there's nothing quite like it.

I love it when it happens for/to me.

I double, no, triple love it when it happens for/to someone else.

The look on the face...from dark to light, burdened to light-as-air, fear to love...oh, there's just not much else that is sweeter.

So many testimonies, so many stories...life restored, hope renewed, strength found...

Life IS hard.  It has trouble and pain and sorrow and grief.  And the enemy just loves to take us when we're down and throw a handful or two of seeds of lies on our hurting hearts.  And sometimes those seeds take root and sometimes they grow for a time and fill our lives with prickly, pokey, painful thorns.

But then God comes. 

He shines His light and those thorns can't stand it.  And sometimes I can't stand it either because, like it or not, I've grown used to those thorns...might have named one or two...maybe I've come to even think of  them as friends.

Will I be ok without them, I wonder.

But then God comes.

And with His light He pours out hope and love and peace and joy, o so much joy, and He offers to come stand in and be the friend that the thorn had been, only better...so much better.

Do you want to be free?  Are you ready for His light to shine on the thorns of your life?  Or maybe you don't have thorns.  Maybe you have gaping open wounds or maybe your wounds are buried so deep you don't even remember they're there...most of the time, until someone or something hits you "just right" and you react way out of proportion to what actually just happened...

Is that you?

You can be free. 

It is for freedom that He has set us free.


Sozo Healing Prayer Ministry

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