Saturday, March 17, 2012


You are not insignificant.  Or better said...

You ARE significant.  Everything you do is.  Everything you are is.  Everything about you is.


If for no other reason, it is because you bear the image of the God of the universe.

You bear His seal, His stamp of approval, His "Yep, that one over there, see her?  I made her.  Isn't she amazing?  And that one sitting there?  Him too. I made him.  Isn't he wonderful?  Oh...oh...that one...see that one running back behind that bush?  Yep...My creation.  Marvelously, wonderfully made.  All these folks you see around you here and there and over there...everyone...guess what?  Fearfully made.  Like, I took serious time with each one and thought about each unique characteristic that each would bear and how they would reflect Me and make creation sing with joy and abandon.  I put all this potential in each one.  There is nothing more valuable in all of creation to Me."

So,  next time that dark whisper mocks you and tells you that what you do or who you are isn't significant, tell it to go to hell, back where it belongs.

Because you, my friend, are full of God amazing goodness just waiting to burst out on the scene and transform the world.



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