Monday, March 12, 2012

One of those days

Actually, this could more accurately be titled: Every day seems like one of "those" days.

I'm hopefully growing more in thanksgiving because God told me a while back that it would be what would get me through this season.  He's giving me a chance or two or three every day.

Some days are more of a struggle than others, particularly those days when I am almost falling asleep on my walk because I'm in a season of not as much sleep as maybe I would like.

Be thankful, I remind myself, be thankful.

And today, I have much to be thankful for as I do on every other day if only I can get past the mantra in my head: I just want to go back to sleep for just a little while...

So, I'm off to the kitchen to fix some hot tea and my super healthy smoothie and then maybe I'll stand on my head to get all of the blood flowing there.  I might then try putting on some Gypsy Kings and jumping on my rebounder to, literally, jump start this day.

Because today I cannot go back to bed.  It is my son's 10th birthday and there's lots to do and lots to celebrate.  This boy who ate blueberries until his fingers bore an almost permanent stain and tells jokes at the most opportune times and runs 10Ks like they were nothing...this boy will fuel my thanksgiving list today as I reflect back on his life and the myriad of ways he brings us so. much. joy.

I love you, little man.  You rock!

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