Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little surprise

In this season of being trained to walk by faith, God gave me a little surprise yesterday.

I was shopping with my youngest daughter.  This year we're doing gifts a little differently. To simplify things, we are not buying gifts from big box stores unless it's for supplies to make a gift.  Instead, we are choosing to buy from local stores, thrift stores, artists, and organizations that support fair trade artisans.  Or we're making gifts.

We were in a thrift store and a gift came to mind for my oldest girl.  I walked around awhile until I found the rack it might be on and begin to rummage through the items.  I had a picture in my mind of what I was looking for, and I now know it was a picture from the Holy Spirit because as I got to the item, I knew immediately it had been the voice of the Lord leading me to that store and to that item, specifically.

I took it with me to the check out counter and as I looked down, I noticed that on the inside was written the initials "SH," as if it were hand-picked for my daughter as those are her initials.

I'm thankful for the reminders that He sees and He knows and He cares and He trains me in fun ways to walk His paths by faith.

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