Saturday, April 7, 2012

To minister before the Lord

My friends held a "night watch" last night, a time to play and sing and drum and dance and create and just be in the Presence of the Lord and minister to Him.

I wanted to go, wanted to go to the last one, but due to schedules and what is on my plate, I've missed both.

And this morning as I woke up early and contemplated driving over there for the last bit, I felt like I heard the Lord say to me,

"That's what you do every day for Me."

It's just that directing children to do chores, helping with school work, cooking meals, making phone calls, answering emails, straightening papers, washing towels, packing, refereeing, cleaning, sleeping doesn't feel much like ministering before the Lord.

But when He said it, I knew that it was true.

Granted, it's my attitude in the midst of those things that make them seem less holy and spiritual and often causes me to miss the opportunity to minister to Him.

Though I am learning, albeit a bit slowly, I am seeing the small things and the big things and choosing thanksgiving more and more often.

My heart still bends towards negativity more frequently than I'd like, but I am, with the gentle reminding of Holy Spirit, carving in the groove through repeated acts of thanksgiving.

And it is going deeper.

This morning I sit and look out eastern window and see the sky crisscrossed by airplane trails and a light brushing of airy clouds.  At first the trails and clouds are tinged pink with blue sky behind.  Then as the light position changes, they lighten, taking on a more creamy hue with the brightening of the day. 

I take note.  I allow the beauty of the vastness of this watercolor piece brushed before me, this once in a life-time experience, to soak into my soul.  Quite literally, the sky will never look like this again.

Kodak didn't capture it, but my heart did and in it thankfulness rose and all seemed to quiet within.

The clouds and airplane trails just are.  They're shaped by the wind currents, painted by the sun, and somehow this morning they represent to me what it is to minister before the Lord.

Sometimes it will be in a set-aside time in a set-apart place with instruments and voices and an environment less cluttered than mine.

But most days, it's here where I get to be shaped by the Wind and painted by the Son and enjoyed by the One who set me here with these gifts to be discovered each day, these treasures He's hidden just for me to find.

And my thankful response...that is what ministers to Him.


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