Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disciplines of a Worship Leader

for the Essentials Blue In Worship Theology Certificate Course with Dan Wilt

I love the way that Peter Fitch describes the disciplines of worship leaders:

Foot-washing: we are to love and serve in humility and grace those whom the Lord has placed in our care. We can only do this out of the overflow of our relationship with God. “…the quality of the water in the basin will have something to do with the quality of the leader’s secret inner life with God.” Amen.

Loaves and fishes: we are never to become dependent on our gifts to get the job done. “…we are ultimately in a position of inadequacy no matter how gifted we are…Human musicianship…does not have the capacity to touch the soul and set it spiritually free. Jesus does. We offer the loaves and fishes of our songs and ideas; He adds His Presence in a mysterious and miraculous way.”

Water-walking: leading worship is risky business. We are often called to get out of the boat and walk out beyond the comfortable places into something we can only do in His strength.

Cross-carrying: we must die to self. “…there will be more need for soul-cleansing in the people around you than there will be for you to artistically express yourself.”

Raising the dead: faithfulness to the above disciplines may give me the “experience …of watching people that are lost and hopeless suddenly receiving the Life of God in a tangible way, shattering bondages and bringing them into newness and freedom and joy.”

all quotes from Peter Fitch, "Inner Living, Outer Giving: Spiritual Disciplines for the Worshiping Heart", Inside Worship.

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