Friday, May 21, 2010

Holy Boldness

Keeping in time
to Your heart
to Your voice
Walking in step with You

Always brings adventure
Stretching me
Honing me
Stirring me

To greater heights
Greater measures
Weightier glory

Though I cannot see
Though my mind cannot comprehend
Though emotions swirl
And I feel upside down and uncertain

You are strong
You are faithful
You I trust
You I hope in

For You do what You say You'll do
You are Who You say You are
You go beyond all I can hope or imagine
You are extravagant and holy and awesome

And You are bringing an
Unprecedented Holy Boldness
On Your people
to change the world
to bring Your Kingdom here on earth
as it is in Heaven

Blow, Spirit, blow
Open hearts
Ready to receive
Willing to do Your bidding

Shake us
Make us
Mold us
Fill us once again

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